Monday, September 6, 2010

Michigan Spread Offense Solid In 2010 Season Opener

Hey folks! The University of Michigan football team had a nice opening day victory over the University of Connecticut out of the Big East.

Coach Rich Rodriguez's spread offense was very effective, especially highlighting dual threat quarterback Denard Robinson. I really like what they did with the quarterback isolation play (QB ISO) in this game, spreading the field out and then using the numerical advantage in the box to run Robinson, an athletic QB with the Ace (or superback) leading through the hole.

Robinson's throwing was probably the most impressive, he showed great accuracy, great decision making, and had nice zip on the ball.

Here is a nice video clip segment of all the Michigan offensive plays in the game.

Keep spreading e'm!



Archie said...

That is some impressive film. ND should be a good challenge this week. The spread really creates some great running lanes if you can get the OL up on the backers a bit. Doesn't take much of a block to create a running lane for great athletes.

Archie said...

That is some nice footage. The spread is a serious weapon with all that speed in space created from formations. Robinson is an athlete at QB who can make big plays. Doesn't take a great block to make a running lane for great athletes to run through. Speed is a killer.
Interesting to see how they matchup with Notre Dame next week.

Archie said...

Good stuff there. How will they matchup against ND this week. Nice running lanes in their scheme.