Friday, November 5, 2021 - Introduction To The Spread Offense

Introduction to the spread offense in football. You will find rapid fire bullet points on some important features of the spread offense in both the run game and pass game. To learn more, go to: | Visit us on Twitter and Facebook: hashtag: #spreadoffense or handle: @spreadoffense

Shovel Power Read

The Shovel Power Read is a nice alternative if you're protecting your QB and don't want to run the traditional QB Power Read or Read Sweep play. #spreadoffense

Crunch | G Trap + H Wham 💥

Here's the 'Crunch' run concept, which combines a traditional Guard Trap and H-back Wham block. #spreadoffense

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Using horizontal spacing to attack vertically

Here the offense extends it formation horizontally, executing the fake perimeter screen and 'Go' to perfection. #spreadoffense

RPO Give - Y Lead with Power | Backside glances

QB lives with the give here, good read as the backside glances are covered. RB takes it to the house, Y Insert with Guard Power. #spreadoffense

Y Hide

Y (TE) hide is popular in the low read zone, works here at midfield for a long gain. #spreadoffense

Slot fade smash

The inside to the slot receiver, smash concept. #spreadoffense

TE (Y) delay

Good design vs. 2 man, the Y delay to the middle hole when the defense is bringing pressure. #spreadoffense

Pick and roll at the goal-line

Nice change-up to the traditional 'rub' concept at the goal-line. #spreadoffense

Double Screen

Nice design on the double screen. #spreadoffense

Swing screen with Q Counter

Well designed play, packaging a swing screen to the RB with QB counter. This can be a pre-snap read by the QB. #spreadoffense

Next Level RPO 💥

This is a next level RPO, combining the run game with a multi-route pass concept. The QB must process a lot of information to make the right read. #spreadoffense

QB Counter Bash 16/17 Flow

QB keeps the ball on the Bash Counter concept. A read run where the QB decides to keep or hand-off to the RB based on a specific read. #spreadoffense

The Sweep Run Play detailed by Coach Vince Lombardi

Coach Vince Lombardi details the finer points of the sweep. #spreadoffense