Thursday, October 5, 2023

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Saturday, August 5, 2023

Flank speed option out of empty, TE arc block

Here, the offense starts in empty, motions the Running Back into the backfield and run a flank speed option with the inline TE arc blocking the CB. #spreadoffense

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Fly sweep with perfect timing

This fly sweep hits with perfect timing right before the snap. This is a timing play from under the center versus a shot gun hand-off. #spreadoffense

Saturday, July 8, 2023

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Empty, Trap the 4i Tackle

Nice design out of an empty formation, not your usual run formation. Here, they run an inside toss flip and trap block the larger technique. #spreadoffense

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Motion (In) Return (Out) - Corndog | Kansas City Chiefs

The #1 receiver short motions in and returns out for a touchdown. The Kansas City Chiefs call this "Corndog".

Boundary Smash (corner route) Concept | Motion to 2x2

The H in the slot to the boundary runs the 7 cut or corner route in the smash concept. The safety has his eyes in the backfield, and the LB is in a tough match-up. #spreadoffense

Tear Motion (RB) | QB draw out of empty

The offense motions the RB out of the backfield (Tear motion), creating a 3x2 empty formation. The defense is in man coverage. The QB runs a draw vs. a light box for a long gain. #spreadoffense 

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Bench Route | Empty Formation

The # 1 receiver runs a bench route, which starts with an inside release, then vertical, before breaking on a 7 or corner cut. #spreadoffense

Bash Counter - QB give

Bash counter, guard and tackle pull, the QB reads the end man on line of scrimmage and hands the ball off vs. keeping the ball and following the pullers. #spreadoffense

Go route vs. Cover 0 (0 blitz)

Go route vs. 0 blitz or Cover 0 #spreadoffense

Outside Zone + | Escort Motion

Here's an outside zone lead or plus run design with escort motion. The offense gets nice seal blocks to create a big alley for the Running Back. #spreadoffense

OT arc block vs 3 man front | QB pull read 📚

Here, the Offensive Tackle arc blocks up onto the over-hang defender vs a 3-3-5 defense. QB pulls on the read. #spreadoffense

Monday, April 24, 2023

🔀 Switch concept

Switch release by two receivers often conflicts the defenses match rules in coverage. #spreadoffense

Trips bunch - Follow/Angle

Trips bunch, follow and angle concept to clear the middle for the angle (follow). #spreadoffense

Ring around the Rosie or Snow Globe Huddle 🔄

Kansas City Chiefs Ring Around The Rosie Huddle 🔄 or Snow Globe as called by Patrick Mahomes. #spreadoffense

Sprint Draw Lead 💥

Sprint Draw Lead #spreadoffense

Option Throw Back (QB shift)

Here's a shift out of the huddle with the QB taking the option pitch on a throw back play. #spreadoffense

Option Football | Ferris State

Ferris State Football Offense #spreadoffense

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Hoss Z Juke - A Tom Brady Go-To

Hoss Z Juke
When you think of Tom Brady and a 'go-to' pass concept through his long, storied career, you have to put this one at the top of the list. Zing Bonzai 74 Hoss Z Juke. Notice the sight adjustments on all of the routes, based on what the defense is giving you.

MOFC = Middle of the Field Closed
MOFO = Middle of the Field Open

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Motion to Diamond - Lead Triple Option

The offense motions to a 💎 diamond formation and runs Lead Option. #spreadoffense

Sting Route - Vertical stem adjustment on Crosser

Here's a nice adjustment by the receiver on the crossing route. The Mike backer is looking to wall off the crossing route, the receiver avoids that with a vertical stem re-route. Called Sting Concept #spreadoffense

Zone Read (QB pull read)

QB makes the right decision on the zone read to keep. #spreadoffense

Sweep (Center/Guard) RPO

RPO Sweep, the movement key is the middle backer circled in the video. #spreadoffense

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Counter Run (Guard and Tackle)

Guard and Tackle Counter #spreadoffense

Pin and Pull Sweep

Pin and Pull Sweep run play. #spreadoffense

3x1 into the boundary | Quick Screen

Formation into the boundary, 3x1 quick screen with favorable numbers #spreadoffense

Offensive Line shift pre-snap

Here's a unique pre-snap shift by the Philadelphia Eagles Offensive line. The shift looks like it distorted the gap responsibilities of the defense at the goal-line. #spreadoffense

Fake stalk block and Go

The RB motions out of the backfield to create quads and the threat of a RB perimeter screen. The receiver bluffs a stalk block and go's (look in) for a TD. #spreadoffense

3x1 | Dig route | in cut | Dagger & Mesh pass concept merged

The in-cut dig route hits for a big gain. This is a 3x1 Dagger and Mesh merged pass concept. #spreadoffense

Tackle Wrap | Dart vs. 5 man box

5 man box triggers run for the offense, right tackle wraps around to collect the linebacker. #spreadoffense

Bash Sweep | 12 personnel

12 personnel, Bash Sweep give (read)

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Inside Release | Sail Route

Receiver gets an inside release and then breaks out on a Sail Route. #spreadoffense

Split Zone RPO

Split Zone RPO, the QB gets a pull and throw read based on the off coverage of the corner, opening the in breaker for a big gain. #spreadoffense

TE/Y 2pt stance | Inside Release (pass)

Michigan Offensive Coordinator discussing (Coach Moore) Tight Ends (Y) releasing from a 2 point upright stance for pass routes. #spreadoffense

Short Motion Return

Short motion return route, receiver blocks as the ball is caught at the line of scrimmage. #spreadoffense


Flash Counter Read

Flash counter read. The QB gives to the Flanker on the read play. #spreadoffense

Colorado Route

Nice Colorado cut at the goal-line. #spreadoffense

Both Guards redirect or retrace pull 💥

Both Offensive Guards pull right, then redirect left to lead the Running Back. #spreadoffense

RPO Talk - Day 1 Install

Here Coach Doug Pederson talks about the basic fundamentals of the Run, Pass Option. Breaking down box counts and secondary rotations to teach Quarterbacks decisions on give/hand-off or pull/throw reads.

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DB playing thru the hands

Here's a great technique teached by defensive back coaches, playing thru the hands of the receiver to break up the pass. #spreadoffense

Long hand-off with mid zone

Extended hand-off - quick bubble screen packaged with mid zone to slow pursuit. #spreadoffense

Coach Urban Meyer breaking down the BASH run play

Urban Meyer breaking down the BASH read run play in football. A play he and Offensive Coordinator Dan Mullen schemed up in 2004-2005 to flip the roles of the running back and Quarterback. #spreadoffense

QB Lead Draw, Center Folds ✍️

This QB Lead Draw out of 3x1 spread. The Center fold blocks. #spreadoffense

NY Giants layering run concepts 👂✍️

Nice concept by the NY Giants, combining read run blocking schemes, H sift, BASH read, and Pin and Pull. #spreadoffense

QB Power O + 1 advantage

Video of QB Power O and the extra player as opposed to handing it to a Running back. #spreadoffense

RPO in 2010

Run, pass option in 2010 by the University of Michigan. #spreadoffense

Shift | Jet QB Counter

Here's a nice QB run design, shift the formation, jet motion, QB Counter. Guard and Tackle pull. #spreadoffense

Criss-cross inside counter

Here is a player with roots from the Wing-T. Known as Criss-cross, it's an inside counter with two hand offs and lead pullers. #spreadoffense

Spread Formation (empty) QB inside zone

Spread the defense via formation, QB take advantage of a light box count for a touchdown run. #spreadoffense

Option football at the goal-line ✍️

Nice design inside the 5 yard line. Tackle wrap, H kick with the inline Y releasing on the arrow. Three phases for the QB. #spreadoffense

Sweep Pass (dual threat QB)

Here's a good design with a dual threat QB. QB sweep with the option to throw. #spreadoffense

QB throwback | Unbalanced formation

Nice design when you have an athletic Quarterback, RB throwback to the QB. Here the offense is in an unbalanced or over heavy formation, and they throw it back to the short side. #spreadoffense

Shallow cross 'sting' route

Here the #3 receiver runs a shallow cross sting route, a long developing route that requires good pass protection. #spreadoffense

H arrow release, Triple Option

Here the QB keeps the ball off the triple option in the low red zone. Three options are hand-off to RB, QB keep (seen here), or throw it. #spreadoffense

Modern Triple Option

The modern Triple Option out of the shot gun in the low red zone. RB hand-off (1), QB run (2), QB pass is the old pitch phase (3). #spreadoffense

Triple option | Orbit motion H arc

Triple option from the boundary formation with orbit motion. the H-back (Y) arc releases and acts as the lead blocker for the pitch phase. #spreadoffense

Reverse ⬇️ off counter action

Nice design on the reverse to the reduced X receiver off counter action. #spreadoffense

Jet sweep reverse with option to throw 👀

Two point play, jet sweep reverse with the option to throw by the receiver. 🔥 #spreadoffense

Man to man coverage beater ✍️

Nice variation to the traditional smash concept with the inside receiver versus man to man coverage. #spreadoffense

Token Power Toss Read with Y sail⛵🏈

Combining concepts, power toss read with the classic air raid sail concept by the slot. #spreadoffense

Guard and H-back counter vs a Gap Exchange

Breakdown of the Guard and Tackle still executing the counter against a gap exchange or chase replace. #spreadoffense

Run, Screen Option

Run, screen option give by the QB - The box has favorable numbers on the outside zone run play packaged with the perimeter screen, and the QB gives for the touchdown. #spreadoffense

GT counter to the boundary (short side) two log blocks by pullers

Here the offense is in a heavy or over formation to the field, they run Guard/Tackle counter to the boundary. The defense tries to spill the play, but the pullers react with log blocks to allow the RB to get the edge. #spreadoffense

QB Power Read ✍️

The QB reads the end man on the line of scrimmage and decides to hand-off or keep the ball behind Power blocking, Guard pulling. #spreadoffense

Dart RPO with X access

The QB reads the one on one cover and decides to pull and throw on the RPO or run, pass option, X streak. This is off Dart or tackle wrap run.

Counter RPO with X glance

Nice design on the counter RPO, the 2nd level defenders react towards the line of scrimmage on the counter run, and the X receiver opens for a nice gain. #spreadoffense

Tunnel screen with counter action 🔥

The tunnel screen meshes well with gap scheme counter, the linemen blocks are set up with the flow of the down blocks. #spreadoffense

Switch verticals, inline TE seam

This is a switch vertical concept, with the inline Tight End (TE/Y) getting up the seam for a touchdown. #spreadoffense

QB Counter Y Y or 2 Tight Ends blocking

Here's a unique blocking scheme for the QB counter, two Tight Ends or Y's are the kick out and lead blockers aligned in the backfield. #spreadoffense

RPO to the reduced split X

The QB long rides this RPO and hits the reduced X on the inside zone RPO pull and throw. #spreadoffense

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Combo and climb by the Right Tackle

The right Tackle does a nice job climbing to the linebacker after combo blocking the Defensive Tackle with the Guard. #spreadoffense