Saturday, January 1, 2022

TE Arrow flat screen | Tackle Over

Well designed play, starts with a sugar or fire drill huddle to catch the defense off guard. TE arrow flat screen to the weak side of the formation as the Tackle is over. #spreadoffense

Orbit Motion Reverse 👀

Manipulate the eye discipline of the 2nd level to set up blocks, well designed reverse with orbit motion. #spreadoffense

Sunday, December 26, 2021

RB retrace on inside power shovel

Nice design with the mesh (RB/QB) RB retrace on the power shovel pass. #spreadoffense

Long G Trap out of the shot-gun

Long Guard Trap out of the shot gun. Down blocks seal playside and the Guard kicks out the edge player. #spreadoffense

Double pass

This is a well designed and set up double pass, always good to have in the playbook. #spreadoffense

Deep square in out of Trips wide bunch

Here the deep square in clears for a long touchdown out of Trips bunch wide. #spreadoffense

Perimeter screen numbers to the boundary

Here's a well designed quick screen with motion to create a numbers advantage to the boundary. #spreadoffense