Sunday, December 26, 2021

RB retrace on inside power shovel

Nice design with the mesh (RB/QB) RB retrace on the power shovel pass. #spreadoffense

Long G Trap out of the shot-gun

Long Guard Trap out of the shot gun. Down blocks seal playside and the Guard kicks out the edge player. #spreadoffense

Double pass

This is a well designed and set up double pass, always good to have in the playbook. #spreadoffense

Deep square in out of Trips wide bunch

Here the deep square in clears for a long touchdown out of Trips bunch wide. #spreadoffense

Perimeter screen numbers to the boundary

Here's a well designed quick screen with motion to create a numbers advantage to the boundary. #spreadoffense

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Monday, November 29, 2021

Speed Option off Jet motion

Speed option, optioning the end man on the line of scrimmage with jet motion opposite. #spreadoffense

Triple option | Split Zone Slide

Modern day triple option, split zone run packaged with the curl flat or slide concept. #spreadoffense

RPO Give / Center Tackle Counter with Arrow/Curl

RPO give on the Counter (C/T), the arrows curl to the boundary widens the over-hang defender and the box is well blocked. #spreadoffense

Inside Zone blocking (double teams)

Nice execution by the offensive line on inside zone. Double teams on both Defensive tackles. #spreadoffense

3x1 stack the slot - option route

Nice design, stack the slot receivers, the off receiver runs an option (angle) route for a nice gain. #spreadoffense

Statue 🗽 reverse 🔥

The statue of liberty reverse, a nice change of direction play. #spreadoffense

Counter Bash QB pull

QB pulls for a nice gain on the counter Bash. #spreadoffense

Monday, November 22, 2021

Friday, November 19, 2021

Sunday, November 14, 2021

💥 Fly sweep off OZ with Y/Y trade

Nice design 👌 the two TE's trade pre-snap on the fly sweep, leaving the 5 technique unblocked and the edge secured. The run fake off outside zone adds to the misdirection. #spreadoffense

Center and Guard combo blocking vs Odd front

The center and right guard work a nice combination block, allowing the center to climb to the next level while the guard overtakes the nose tackle. #spreadoffense

Mesh | 3x1 closed

The inline TE breaks open on the mesh concept (crossers from both sides) out of a 3x1 closed formation. #spreadoffense

Counter Bash | TE Over

Counter Bash give, TE over formation creates an extra blocker play-side. #spreadoffense

Pull Lead QB Run

Good addition to the traditional zone read, here it's a designed pull RB lead for the QB on the keeper. #spreadoffense

Sight adjustment / Split the 2 high safeties

Sight adjustment route, receiver reads the voided area vs. 2 high split safeties. #spreadoffense

Boundary flood | X skinny post

Flood the boundary, forces the defense to match up and creates a one on one for the X receiver on the skinny post (8). #spreadoffense

QB trap with swing screen

Nice design, packaging motion swing screen with the QB trap run play. #spreadoffense

Late rotation, RB rail route

Here the defense is running a sting (safety) blitz and the offense finds a good match on the RB rail route vs a linebacker. #spreadoffense

Tempo catches the defense not ready

Here's an example of an offense playing fast or with tempo and the confusion it causes, the defense is not ready at the snap. #spreadoffense

4 receivers or 5 Strong Heavy

Formation heavy, ball is middle right to the hash mark. The 2nd receiver on the line cannot catch a forward pass, so they send him behind the LOS at the snap for a potential lateral pass. Catches the defense out numbered for a big play. #spreadoffense

Sunday, November 7, 2021

📽️ RPO: Outside Zone Stretch | TE freeze glance

Nice RPO design off stretch run. The inline nub TE delays prior to running the glance route for a touchdown. #spreadoffense

RB Swing Sweep - 3x1 tight bunch

This is a nice design on a RB Swing route out of 3x1 tight bunch that turns into a extended sweep with designed blocking on the perimeter by the receivers. #spreadoffense

Yankee Concept - one high - man free beater: Double Posts with Deep Cross

Man free beater pass concept, some refer to this as the Yankee concept. Clear the field side with the twin receivers running double 8 routes, run the reduced X receiver on a deep crossing route. #spreadoffense

Tackle Wrap | Dart v. Tite front

The tackle Wrap or Dart scheme is a nice alternative to the traditional Guard pull schemes vs. a Tite front (4i-0-4i). The blocking angles or seal blocks on the 4i's are more favorable. #spreadoffense

Friday, November 5, 2021 - Introduction To The Spread Offense

Introduction to the spread offense in football. You will find rapid fire bullet points on some important features of the spread offense in both the run game and pass game. To learn more, go to: | Visit us on Twitter and Facebook: hashtag: #spreadoffense or handle: @spreadoffense

Shovel Power Read

The Shovel Power Read is a nice alternative if you're protecting your QB and don't want to run the traditional QB Power Read or Read Sweep play. #spreadoffense

Crunch | G Trap + H Wham 💥

Here's the 'Crunch' run concept, which combines a traditional Guard Trap and H-back Wham block. #spreadoffense

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Using horizontal spacing to attack vertically

Here the offense extends it formation horizontally, executing the fake perimeter screen and 'Go' to perfection. #spreadoffense

RPO Give - Y Lead with Power | Backside glances

QB lives with the give here, good read as the backside glances are covered. RB takes it to the house, Y Insert with Guard Power. #spreadoffense

Y Hide

Y (TE) hide is popular in the low read zone, works here at midfield for a long gain. #spreadoffense

Slot fade smash

The inside to the slot receiver, smash concept. #spreadoffense

TE (Y) delay

Good design vs. 2 man, the Y delay to the middle hole when the defense is bringing pressure. #spreadoffense

Pick and roll at the goal-line

Nice change-up to the traditional 'rub' concept at the goal-line. #spreadoffense

Double Screen

Nice design on the double screen. #spreadoffense

Swing screen with Q Counter

Well designed play, packaging a swing screen to the RB with QB counter. This can be a pre-snap read by the QB. #spreadoffense

Next Level RPO 💥

This is a next level RPO, combining the run game with a multi-route pass concept. The QB must process a lot of information to make the right read. #spreadoffense

QB Counter Bash 16/17 Flow

QB keeps the ball on the Bash Counter concept. A read run where the QB decides to keep or hand-off to the RB based on a specific read. #spreadoffense

The Sweep Run Play detailed by Coach Vince Lombardi

Coach Vince Lombardi details the finer points of the sweep. #spreadoffense

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Counter with Jet motion 🚀

Good execution on the G/H counter. Nice down block, kick-out, and lead block. #spreadoffense

QB design run - 2 point conversion

Good design on the Quarterback run, pulling the guard and tackle as lead blockers to the weak side of the formation. The offensive tackle pass sets to draw the defensive end upfield.


RPO Outside Zone lock

Here the offensive line is outside zone run blocking while the backside tackle pass sets, giving a false read to the defense on the RPO. QB reads the vacated area and hits the glance on the one on one match-up.


Wednesday, August 18, 2021

TE's (Y's and H-backs) Individual Practice Session - Run Blocking

Here's a good individual period with the Tight Ends and H-Backs working run blocking responsibilities on the edge. See the entire video, and over 475 coaches clinic videos at: #spreadoffense

Sunday, July 25, 2021

RPO | QB Practice | Crows Hop | Decide Drill

Film projectorGood QB indy period here repping the 'decide' give or pull phase, two step lateral crows hop on the RPO mesh. Good time to discuss situations with your room on the field. Writing hand

See the entire video at: RPO.Football


Saturday, July 17, 2021

QB Buck Sweep off Jet motion | RB misdirection

Here's a nice QB run design off jet motion (RB mis-direction), pulling both guards on a buck sweep to the boundary. A good play to install with the a dual-threat QB. #spreadoffense

Thursday, July 8, 2021

RPO - H Insert with X glance

Here's a Run, Pass, Option or RPO where the H-Back (Y) inserts on an Iso block on the MLB. With two high safeties, the offense has favorable box numbers and QB hands it off for a big gain. The X receiver to the boundary runs a glance route and is the access for the QB. #spreadoffense #RPOFootball

Go to: for more videos

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Read RPO - Part 2

Part 2- Coach Josh Gattis presents a 'Read RPO' concept that the QB and inside receiver read off of safety coverage. If One High or Middle of the Field is closed, the slot runs an inside fade. If Two High or Middle of the field is open, the slot (or inside receiver) runs the glance slant route, and the read is the over-hang for pass (pull) or run (give). #spreadoffense #ReadRPO #RPO

See Part 1 of this presentation at:

Read RPO based on Middle of the Field Safety Coverage

Coach Josh Gattis presents a 'Read RPO' concept that the QB and inside receiver read off of safety coverage. If One High or Middle of the Field is closed, the slot runs an inside fade. If Two High or Middle of the field is open, the slot (or inside receiver) runs the glance slant route, and the read is the over-hang for pass (pull) or run (give). #spreadoffense #ReadRPO #RPO

See the entire presentation at: RPO Football

Air Raid Pass Concept - Y Sail (Part 2)

Coach Hal Mumme presents the Y-Sail vertical pass route concept, an Air Raid pass scheme. Part 2. See Part 1 in a previous video. #spreadoffense #AirRaid

See the full presentation at: Spread Offense TV

Y Sail Concept - Air Raid

Coach Hal Mumme presents the Y-Sail vertical pass route concept, an Air Raid pass scheme. Part 1. See Part 2 in a follow up video. #spreadoffense #AirRaid

See the entire video at: Spread Offense TV

Sunday, April 18, 2021

QB & RB Mesh Point Drill - Give or Pull Read

Here the QB and RB groups get together for a group session in practice to work hand-off mesh drill, simulating a 'Read' play where the QB either gives the ball or pulls it. The RB path emphasis is 'flat down the line' to simulate the read sweep path for a run read or RPO. #spreadoffense

Find this video, and over 450 other coaching videos at: Spread Offense TV

Sunday, February 14, 2021

3-3-5 Defense Base Alignment

Coach Jeff Casteel discussing base alignment and positions in the 3-3-5 defense vs a Pro (2x1) formation.

See the entire video, and over 450 coaches clinic videos at: Spread Offense TV


Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Pistol Offense - Pin and Pull 'Horn' concept (12 Personnel)

Coach Klenakis discusses pin and pull out of the pistol formation, allowing the offense to read the box count numbers to either side of the Center to determine the best side to run the football. #spreadoffense Find this entire presentation in our video vault at:

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Spread Offense Playbook (Offense and Defense)

If you're a football coach (at any level) looking for a good foundational playbook, our original playbook is a must have.

We offer both an Offensive playbook (How to run the spread offense) and Defensive playbook (for defending the spread offense).

Access both playbooks here


Spread Offense Playbook

Defend The Spread Offense

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Fire Zone (Star Blitz) Package from the field

Coach Eli Rasheed talking Snake defense (bringing the *Star from the field) and the D-line alignments and movements associated with this blitz package.

Find this entire coaches clinic video at: Spread Offense TV


Sunday, January 31, 2021

Saturday, January 30, 2021

QB reading over-hang defenders (2x2 spread vs 2 high safeties)

Coach Jim Hofher speaking in 2016 at the Iowa State Coaches Clinic on QB pre-snap reads on over-hang defenders in a spread 2x2 formation. 

Find this full presentation at: Spread Offense TV


Monday, January 25, 2021

Zone Blocking - Combinations

Here Coach Ed Warinner details the technique of combination blocking in a zone scheme. #spreadoffense To find this full video and over 450 coaching videos, go to: Spread Offense TV

Saturday, January 23, 2021

QB and Receiver Anticipation Drill

Coach Jim Harbaugh discusses an anticipation drill used with his Quarterbacks and Receivers to help simulate hard visual throws in the game. Find this full video at: Spread Offense TV #spreadoffense

Monday, January 18, 2021

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Read Run Game | Leaving Defenders Unblocked to Create Creases

The read game out of the spread offense creates natural creases on the backside of the defense for the running back (RB) when defenders are cautious of the QB pulling the ball. #spreadoffense Find over 450 coaching clinic videos at: Football Coaches / SpreadOffense com streaming videos

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Steve Sarkisian - Packaged Play (Man and Zone Beaters)

Football coach Steve Sarkisian presenting at a coaches clinic on a combination pass concept which includes both a man to man coverage and zone coverage beater. #spreadoffense