Sunday, May 16, 2010

Be a Football Coach, Player and Change Agent

Hey folks! I know this is an X's and O's blog on the spread offense, but as most of you know I'm a former coach and enjoy so many aspects of the great game of American Football.

I came across a few things this week that I want to share with you. The first was an article written by a former colleague of mine when I worked as an athletic performance trainer. This gentleman's name is Martin Rooney, and in addition to this article he just released, his 3rd book on what he calls, 'Warrior Training' came out this week (look it up at your favorite online bookstore), the title is Ultimate Warrior Workouts.

I reviewed it and it is just an unbelievable collection of training knowledge from across the world. It's focus is predominately on the martial arts, but lets be honest, football players are warriors to a certain extent!

To get back to the recent post by Martin I mentioned above, it was an eye opening piece that I'll let you read and digest for yourself. It's one of those that you read and say... oh ya, I kind of knew that, BUT am I practicing this daily and am I a change agent for that!?

Here's the article: Evolution Revolution: My Manifesto

When I say 'change agent', what I'm asking you is are you spreading the word to your players and teammates about the necessity to not only become a great football player, but to live and practice a healthy, active lifestyle for life!

I thought about it the other day and I made the assumption that if everyone in the United States was like me, the health care industry would be bankrupt because they'd have no business!! Here's the extent of my health care for the last 20 years... I go once every 18 months for blood work and a full physical, and that's basically it!! Now I understand that some physical conditions and health ailments are predisposed and unpreventable for some, but lets be honest... most are totally preventable by what we do!

I take no prescription drugs, no therapies, nothing... I'm the worst nightmare for the health care industry... because I work to take care of myself (physically and mentally) and live a healthy, active lifestyle. That means drinking no soda, no sugary juices, moderate alcohol (I love an occasional beer, grey goose, etc), I drink lots of water, one coffee a day, and unsweetened green or black tea (hot and cold) to quench my daily thirst.

As a coach... are you a good role model for your players? Well you better be! That 'Do as I say, not as I do' crap is exactly that... crap!

One of the best joys for me is to reconnect with some old warriors I coached over 10 years ago... they are now adults with families, jobs, and there own lives. When I see them still physically and mentally fit, productive in society... still with that 'warrior' mentality... that's what gets me just as excited as a zone read play busting for a 50 yard touchdown!

Now to the video I mentioned, see below:

Good stuff isn't it!? Remember, moments like this in practice when you break through a barrier, watch a kid or group of kids grow right in front your eyes, that's what it's all about... the journey to victory is sometimes more fun then the actual wins!

Those days in the weight room when no one's even thinking about football in town, but your players and coaches are making those 'victory deposits' that can be exchanged for wins in the fall when the scoreboard is on.

Whatever religion, creed, doctrine, or nothing you believe in... you'd be foolish to think the universe does not possess something bigger then all of us... it rewards those who work hard towards a goal, and leaves behind those who slack off in the loser pile!

I'll leave you with a quick video scene from the movie Gladiator... "What we do in life, echoes in eternity" --Maximus

Go be a change agent to your players and teammates, preach victory to your fellow warriors, and keep spreading e'm!