Thursday, March 23, 2023

Counter Run (Guard and Tackle)

Guard and Tackle Counter #spreadoffense

Pin and Pull Sweep

Pin and Pull Sweep run play. #spreadoffense

3x1 into the boundary | Quick Screen

Formation into the boundary, 3x1 quick screen with favorable numbers #spreadoffense

Offensive Line shift pre-snap

Here's a unique pre-snap shift by the Philadelphia Eagles Offensive line. The shift looks like it distorted the gap responsibilities of the defense at the goal-line. #spreadoffense

Fake stalk block and Go

The RB motions out of the backfield to create quads and the threat of a RB perimeter screen. The receiver bluffs a stalk block and go's (look in) for a TD. #spreadoffense

3x1 | Dig route | in cut | Dagger & Mesh pass concept merged

The in-cut dig route hits for a big gain. This is a 3x1 Dagger and Mesh merged pass concept. #spreadoffense

Tackle Wrap | Dart vs. 5 man box

5 man box triggers run for the offense, right tackle wraps around to collect the linebacker. #spreadoffense

Bash Sweep | 12 personnel

12 personnel, Bash Sweep give (read)