Saturday, April 25, 2009

Why The Miami Dolphins Selected Pat White

After just watching the Miami Dolphins select Pat White with the 44th overall pick in the NFL draft, I decided to jump online and give my 6 reasons for the decision by Tony Sparano and Bill Parcells:

The Wild-Cat Offense - Just Scratching The Surface

I bet Ronnie Brown let out a sigh of relief with this pick... because now he and Ricky Williams can be in their comfort zone as running-backs with the wild-cat in 2009.

What Pat White will add in terms of a dual threat 'single-wing' quarterback will be the presence of the forward pass with his lightning speed and four years of reading defenses.

It must be hard for the offensive staff down in Miami to wipe the grins off their faces tonight.

Keep Pat White Away From New England and Bill Belichick

It's been known that the Patriots have been eyeing White for about a month now, and you can bet Bill Parcells knew this and didn't want the Patriots and his old buddy taking the wild-cat to the next level in 2009... especially when it was the Dolphins who kicked the door open with it against New England.

The Dolphins Coaching Staff 'Gets It'

I don't know how else to put it, but if anyone deserves the services of Pat White in the NFL to see how far this wild-cat/spread run offense can go, it's the Dolphins coaching staff. It's kind of like how Bill Walsh deserved to have Joe Montana back in 1979 when he drafted him to run his West Coast Offense.

Dan Henning, David Lee, George DeLeone, and the rest of the offensive staff will see how fast this wild-cat car can drive in 2009.... or, as head coach Tony Sparano put it: “There was an awful lot left on the bone that we didn't roll out there in the wild-cat".

Make Opponents Prepare For Another Offense

Coaches out there, think about your preparation week now for the Miami Dolphins offense. You have to get your rep's in for the Chad Pennington/Chad Henne conventional offense and now the Pat White/Ronnie Brown Wild-Cat/single wing offense.

Think about how this can actually extend the careers of all the QB's involved. Lets say in a specific game the conventional offense is productive, you stay with it until they stop it. The same with the Wild-Cat/Single Wing, run it for a change of pace or stay with it until they consistently stop it.

I always thought that a conventional 'sitting duck' quarterback getting sacked 6 or more times a game was more vulnerable to injury then a running QB on designed run plays.

Pat White is a Winner

Pat White was the starting QB for West Virginia University from 2005 through 2008. Every year during that span, the Mountaineer's went to a bowl game (2 games being BCS games vs. Georgia and Oklahoma) and they won every one of those 4 bowl games. White was also named MVP in 3 of the 4 bowl victories.

White has also been drafted 3 times by Major League Baseball (Anaheim Angels twice and the Cincinnati Reds once).

Lastly, Pat White graduated this past December with a bachelor's degree in general studies from WVU.

Pat White Can Throw The Football

White threw for 5,576 yards in 4 years... with 1,844 yards coming in his senior season. The all-time leading rusher for NCAA quarterback's has a very good arm.

Check out the link below of Pat White's Senior Bowl MVP performance:

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vince Young and Pat White - Spread Offense Highlights

I found this video combining highlights from both Texas and West Virginia... highlighting Vince Young and Pat White. It still amazes me how easy Vince Young can 'flick' the football 40 yards down the field, it looks effortless. It baffles me how he's a 'back-up' QB now with the Titans.... he's way too talented to be on the sidelines.

With the NFL draft this upcoming weekend, Patrick White out of WVU is getting a lot of attention, I'm curious to see who picks him, and when.

Note: Pardon the F-bombs in the music and the S-bombs also... feel free to mute the sound on the video, I didn't produce it.

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