Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Can The Spread Offense Emergence In The NFL Help Michael Vick?

The announcement came today that Michael Vick was released from prison after serving 19 months in jail on a dogfighting conviction in 2007.

Vick will be serve two months of home confinement until July 20th, then will be able to 'get a job' in society.

Being a fan of Big East football, I used to love watching Vick play for Virginia Tech with his athletic style of quarterback play.

Is there a spot for Michael Vick with the 'Wild Cat' making its way into the NFL? Are his skill sets still there that would allow him to get into a shot-gun formation and run some single-wing 'run-pass' option football for an NFL franchise?

Time will tell if this is the case, or if a team will take the chance on Vick and the negative publicity that will surround such a move.

But then again, the young man 'did his time' for a crime he admits committing, no matter how wrong it was.

By the way, I do see Martha Stewart back on the scene, doing well in the free market we call capitalism.

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