Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ndamukong Suh Is The Kryptonite Of The Spread Offense

The Big 12 conference saw its offensive production and scoring numbers drop in 2009 compared to 2008. In 2008, Big 12 teams averaged 35.6 points per game across the conference.

In 2009, nine of the league’s 12 teams have seen their scoring averages fall, and eight of those have dipped by at least 4 points per game.

Now one area you have to look at is the quarterback position, Graham Harrell (Texas Tech) and Chase Daniel (Missouri) both graduated, and Sam Bradford (Oklahoma) has been out of commission since opening day with a shoulder injury.

The only returning quarterback out of the 'big 4' QB's from 2008 was Colt McCoy.

“Graham and Chase graduated and Sam got hurt,” McCoy said, outlining the star quarterbacks lost from last season’s record run of scoring.

“Every year is going to be different. It’s not normal to have a year like last year,” said McCoy, whose Longhorns rank second in the nation in scoring. “I think we had four or five guys we were talking about the Heisman every week, all in the Big 12. That’s rare in any conference.”

Well this year, two players will represent the Big 12 in New York City Saturday night at the Heisman trophy presentation, those being McCoy, and Ndamukong (his first name translates to: 'House Of Spears' - Nice!) Suh.

Suh, a defensive tackle out of Nebraska is a rare combination of size, strength, smarts, and speed on the defensive side of the ball.

Here's some of Suh's stats in 2009:

Total Tackles: 82
Solo Tackles for loss: 16
Sacks: 14
QB Hurries: 21

Big Suh is a 3 technique defensive tackle, and the stats above are just incredible from that interior defensive position. He is so versatile, that he can easily play the 1 or 5 technique positions also.

Here's a video on Suh, courtesy of ESPN

In last Saturday's Big12 championship game vs Texas, he sacked Colt McCoy 4 and a half times and tied a school record with seven tackles for loss.

In a year when defenses around the country made great strides in slowing down the spread offense, Big Suh gets our vote at for the 2009 Heisman trophy.

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