Monday, November 15, 2010

The Shot Gun Spread Wing-T Offense - QB Plays

Hey folks! One of the things that gets me real excited is when coaches take a certain element of one offense, in this case the Delaware Wing-T (which was the first offense I ran as a coach way back in 1993 thru 1995) and blend it with the shot gun spread offense.

In the video below, you'll see highlights of wing-t plays ran solely out of the shot-gun (trips) formation, with the dual threat QB executing the run plays usually run by the tailback.

Knowing that by using the quarterback as the predominant runner, they gain an extra blocker within the offensive scheme, which is always a positive in the spread offense on QB runs.

Keep spreading 'em!

-- Mark

1 comment: said...

My biggest problem with the Bubble Screen Read play shown in the first 3 clips is that the QB really does not read the play. Now play 3 was hard to tell, but play one and two should clearly have been a pass. Clip one has a blitz of the screen side and one on one blocking on the outside, why no pass? Clip #2 has virtually a 3 on 1 situation and yet again the QB runs the ball. It is apparent to me that the QB is a very talented runner and both times the play goes for big yardage, but I'm guessing against a better defense that play is stopped for minimal gain or a loss.