Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Exotic Double Zone Blitz Look On 3rd and 5

I found this nice defensive look by Michigan versus Purdue in their 2009 game. Purdue's offense is in a 3rd and 5 situation, mid-field and they come out in a 3x1 (with TE) shot gun spread formation.

Michigan is in a 4-3 "2 high" look pre-snap... but watch all the action once the ball is snapped by the defense.

Michigan runs a double zone blitz on the right side, the open side of the offense, and basically bring the kitchen sink to the field (or strong side) of the play.

I diagrammed the look below.

Some really exotic stuff here by Greg Robinson, Defensive Coordinator at Michigan.

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Brad said...

Any Chance this is just a blown assignment by one of the two dropping d-lineman? Seems very odd that there could be much gained, especially when the two are dropping to the same general area... Not to mention by dropping both there is a loss of containment on the boundary edge.

Mark at said...

Brad, It's possible that it's a blown assignment?, though my assumption is based on their scouting report based on down and distance, lack of running ability by the Purdue QB, as well as the area of the field they felt it was a good defensive call. They do get a lot of pressure from the field side so possibly that was the gamble that paid off on this particular play. --Mark