Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Unbalanced Formation Out Of The Spread Offense

In my coaching days, I was a big believer in using unbalanced formations on offense to keep the defense on its toes, and give us an advantage at the point of attack, especially when the defense didn't adjust quickly. Whenever you can make the defense think a lot on the field and add to their preparation and thinking on the field... you're doing a good thing for your offense.

Below is a video of a simple, but effective unbalanced spread offense set with a shot gun zone read play. I always like to use unbalance early in a game, maybe the second series or sometimes even the opening drive of a game when the excitement (and sometimes lack of mental focus on the defense) could pop a big one for you.

Keep spreading u'm!


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Unknown said...

if you like unbalanced formations you should take a look at the kansas jayhawks under HC Mark Mangino and OC Ed Warriner. Mangino redefined the spread and when he first arrived at kansas in 2002. back then no one in the big 12 was running the spread. nowadays its all there is. by the way, love your posts, keep it up!!!