Saturday, March 14, 2009

Congrat's To Chip Kelly - Another Spread Offense Head Coach In Major College Football

With the recent move of Mike Bellotti to Athletic Director starting July 1st at Oregon, Chip Kelly was promoted to head football coach effective immediately. Coach Kelly is a true spread offense coach, with his offensive philosophy being one of the best in the college spread game.

Here's some video clips of the Oregon Ducks from this past season, they can execute the spread run game with the best of them:

Spread Offense


Jason said...

Nice video. As an Oregon Ducks fan, I am excited about Chip Kelly taking over as head coach. Kelly has been at Oregon for two seasons. His first season, the team set a record for rushing yardage and touchdowns. The running back and quarterback(Jonathan Stewart and Dennis Dixon)moved on to the NFL, but Oregon reloaded and in Kelly's second season, the Ducks set NEW records for rushing yards and touchdowns.

Love that spread!

Brian Manning said...

Looks like there could be some fun and exciting stuff coming from them!

Unknown said...

I'm going to run this offense in 5 years when my son starts playing!