Monday, November 22, 2021

👀 Hook and lateral, X receiver and O-Tackle

This hook and lateral includes a big man (OT) taking the lateral for a touchdown! #spreadoffense

💥 Shift Pin and Pull RPO

Inside access by the slot receiver on the glance route is an easy read for the QB on the pin and pull RPO. The backside OT and OG pass set, adding to the 2nd level conflict. #spreadoffense

Extra Hat to QB Counter with Wide Screen

Here the offense brings and extra blocker with QB Counter, adding the Running back. They pair it with the wide route screen off orbit motion. #spreadoffense

Friday, November 19, 2021

Sunday, November 14, 2021

💥 Fly sweep off OZ with Y/Y trade

Nice design 👌 the two TE's trade pre-snap on the fly sweep, leaving the 5 technique unblocked and the edge secured. The run fake off outside zone adds to the misdirection. #spreadoffense

Center and Guard combo blocking vs Odd front

The center and right guard work a nice combination block, allowing the center to climb to the next level while the guard overtakes the nose tackle. #spreadoffense

Mesh | 3x1 closed

The inline TE breaks open on the mesh concept (crossers from both sides) out of a 3x1 closed formation. #spreadoffense

Counter Bash | TE Over

Counter Bash give, TE over formation creates an extra blocker play-side. #spreadoffense

Pull Lead QB Run

Good addition to the traditional zone read, here it's a designed pull RB lead for the QB on the keeper. #spreadoffense

Sight adjustment / Split the 2 high safeties

Sight adjustment route, receiver reads the voided area vs. 2 high split safeties. #spreadoffense

Boundary flood | X skinny post

Flood the boundary, forces the defense to match up and creates a one on one for the X receiver on the skinny post (8). #spreadoffense

QB trap with swing screen

Nice design, packaging motion swing screen with the QB trap run play. #spreadoffense

Late rotation, RB rail route

Here the defense is running a sting (safety) blitz and the offense finds a good match on the RB rail route vs a linebacker. #spreadoffense

Tempo catches the defense not ready

Here's an example of an offense playing fast or with tempo and the confusion it causes, the defense is not ready at the snap. #spreadoffense

4 receivers or 5 Strong Heavy

Formation heavy, ball is middle right to the hash mark. The 2nd receiver on the line cannot catch a forward pass, so they send him behind the LOS at the snap for a potential lateral pass. Catches the defense out numbered for a big play. #spreadoffense